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damned_maps's Journal

The Maps of Landel's
21 August 1985
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  • damned_maps@livejournal.com
Hello, and welcome to damned_maps! Here, you'll find all the maps for damned. You can navigate by entire floors, or you can click on a section of a floor for a detailed view. In this detailed view, you'll see a larger version of the section as well as important details about it, including room descriptions, navigation, and, when available, a map key.

Detailed View: Room descriptions are given for the specific area only. Navigation is based on your character; as in, how your character can actually move through Landels. The map key will provide useful information about symbols on the map, usually doors in particular. You can even fall down a level or walk up/down stairs.

Get current location threads here: damned_links
Check damned_info for other important information, such as full-sized maps and entire area descriptions.

See an error or have an idea for improving damned_maps? Contact me at icecreamlighting AT gmail DOT com.

And a hearty thank you to the mods for letting me make this! It was amazing fun.

Master List of Maps

Landel's: 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, Basement
Outside of Landels: Surrounding Area; Mine, Level 1; Mine, Level 2; Ruins
Town: Doyleton
Awaiting: 3rd Floor Map, Med Wing Map, Grounds Map, and Room Descriptions for these and the second floor.